How To - Free Up Memory On Your BlackBerry

It's amazing how much your BlackBerry can do with very little memory. Compared to other PDAs, the BlackBerry only has a fraction of the memory available.

When memory is low, your BlackBerry will perform Low Memory Management, erasing data like Browser Cache, Old Emails etc. Yes that's right, your BlackBerry will delete unsaved old emails without asking you. That's why it's important to manage your memory.

There a few things you can do to free up some space on your BlackBerry:

1. Enable Content Compression : Go to Options --> Security and enabled Content Compression, this will free up some space.
2. Delete the Help Application: For more experienced users who don't use the help feature, go to Options --> Applications, select Help and delete it.
3. Delete the Unused Language Packs: Delete any unused language packs installed on your BlackBerry from the Application Options screen.
4. Delete BrickBreaker: If you've had your fill of this game, delete it, along with any other games you don't play anymore.
5. Delete Pictures: Delete any unwanted images from the Pictures Application, these are often quite large and should free up some much needed space.
6. Make Use of the Lookup Feature: Instead of keeping a large address book, just use the lookup feature if it is available from your company.
7. Set Keep Appointments to 15 Days: It's unlikely that you'll need old appointments on your BlackBerry, especially if you're on a BES. Go to Calendar Options and set Keep Appointments = 15 Days.

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