Top 10 Phone Tips from BlackBerry

The following tips appear in the Message List on your BlackBerry whenever you restore the default settings.

  1. To open the phone, press the Phone button or press the Space key.
  2. To dial a number from the Home screen, type the number. To disable dialing from the Home screen, in the phone options, click General Options. Set the Dial from Home Screen field to No.
  3. To assign a speed dial letter to a phone number, on the Home screen or in the phone, press and hold an unassigned letter key.
  4. To call a speed dial number, hold the assigned letter key.
  5. To call your voice mail access number, hold 1.
  6. To type letters in phone numbers, hold the Alt key and type letters.
  7. To type an extension, press the Alt key + the 8 key. Type the extension number.
  8. To mute a call, press the Phone button. To turn mute off, press the Phone button again. If you are using a headset, press the headset button to mute a phone call. Press the headset button again to turn mute off.
  9. To change the volume during a call, roll the trackwheel.
  10. To end a call, hold the Escape button.

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